The Ultimate Ride of Champions
Learn below the safety advantages of choosing an IKON over a Class A Chassis. Don't be the first to the scene!
“A House is only as Strong as the Foundation it’s Built on?” Most Class A chassis have a 50,000 PSI frame rail rating, but our IKON Commercial Grade Freightliner RV chassis has a 120,000 PSI frame rail rating!
Durability? IKON Commercial Grade RV chassis are designed to go a MILLION miles.
Serviceability? You can have your IKON Coach serviced at any of the thousands of truck stops across the country. And you don’t have to pay the (often more expensive) RV labor rates!
Stability? Have you ever been passed by a semi-truck and felt the push and pull? You now have the same stability they have!
Safety? Ensure that you’re not the first on the scene if the unfortunate should happen. You can have the protection of the Cascadia Chassis with all it’s safety features including airbags.
Weight? Statistics show that 53% of all RV’s on the road are overweight in one or more categories. Our IKON RV chassis have the heaviest GVW rating available in the industry, allowing us to use solid hardwood cabinets, genuine porcelain and granite tile floors, Granite and Corian counter tops, large onboard water and holding tank capacity; you can have all this and still have plenty of excess capacity for your passengers and cargo. Even more impressive is the GCVW rating which allows an amazing 30,000 pound towing capacity!
RVIA Approved! The IKON is RVIA approved and conforms to all federal standards for RV’s.
It’s not a truck! We know you’re not a “Trucker.” IKON orders it’s Commercial Grade Freightliner RV Chassis’ with you in mind. Our RV Chassis’ have additional cab insulation, air ride suspension, and air ride seats for a softer & quieter ride.
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